YOUR Choice: BC’s Tastiest Cinnamon Buns

YOUR Choice: BC’s Tastiest Cinnamon Buns

There is something nostalgic to be said about the warm and happy feeling you get when you bite into a freshly baked cinnamon bun. Whether it has a delicious layering of vanilla/cream cheese icing or a brown sugar glaze dripping down the sides, this ooey-gooey goodness is just one of the many things we love about fall and the holiday season.


To celebrate the cozy season and our gratitude for local businesses, we asked you to let us know your favourite local cinnamon buns! As promised, we put together a list of YOUR top-rated businesses:


Old Town Bakery – Lady Smith, BC

The people have spoken, and it is quite clear these buns are cinnfully dough-licious!

Their Story:

Old Town Bakery is owned and operated by Geoff and Kate Cram. Kate and her parents started the business in 1999, and Geoff joined in 2005. After being voted “Island's Best Cinnamon Buns - Reader's Choice” by Victoria's Times Colonist, the demand for cinnamon buns grew, inspiring them to expand their flavours. 

Their Buns: 

Cream Cheese & Sliced Almond | Sliced Almond | Blueberry Almond | Chocolate Pecan | Orange Poppy Seed | Blackberry Apricot Ginger | Peanut Butter Cream Cheese | Raisin Spice | Bun of the Month!


Grounds for Coffee – Vancouver, B.C.

Buns by season and for every craving – keep an eye out for their upcoming Holiday Eggnog Buns!

Their Story: 

At the beginning of Vancouver’s coffee craze in 1992, Dan Hilton made a massive career change, from banking to baking! The business’s famous cinnamon bun recipe has been around since the beginning and it has kept its fame ever since.

Their Buns: 

Seasonal Buns: Valentines “Love Buns” | Rainbow Easter Mini “Bunnies” |September Apple Pie Buns | buns drizzled in Maple Syrup or Caramel | Fall Pumpkin Buns | Holiday Eggnog Buns

Zoe’s Java House – Prince George, BC

These buns speak for themselves!

Owned and operated by Loretta Minke, Zoe’s Java House began in the late 90s and is located in the heart of downtown Prince George. All of Zoe’s dishes and baked goods are made in-house daily!

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Common Loaf Bake Shop – Tofino, BC

Common Loaf is on a ROLL with these cinnamony treats! Tofino’s original whole foods bake shop.  They say “Life is short, eat dessert first!”

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Baked – Pastry and BakeShop – Fort St. Johns, BC

Their Buns: Pumpkin Pecan | Caramel Apple | Pumpkin Spice | Lemon Poppyseed 

These are just a few of their many sticky bun flavours to choose from!



Tall Tree Bakery – Squamish, BC

You HAVE to treat yourself to these delicious goodies!

Their Story: Established in 206 by husband and wife, Sean and Erin combined their skills of baking and entrepreneurship to make their dream of owning and operating a bakery into a reality. In 2018, Tall Tree Bakery was the proud recipient of the Best Small Business for Service Excellence Award presented by the Squamish Chamber of Commerce. 



Needed Bread Bakery – Grand Forks, BC

We’ve never needed bread more!

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Dutch Bakery – Victoria, BC

Their Story: Kees Schaddelee Sr., his wife Mable, and their four sons came to Victoria from the Netherlands in 1955. Alongside their two oldest sons, Arie T. and Jack, they began their delectable dynasty in a rented coffee shop on Fort St. Soon after, their younger sons, Kees Jr. and Maarten joined. All four sons married, and their wives joined the family bakery as well. Kees and Mable’s eight grandchildren also helped out around the bakery while growing up. 

Mr. Schaddelee was a baker for more than 60 years, retired at 72, and passed away at age 97 in February 2007, leaving the business to his family. 

Their Danishes: Almond | Cinnamon | Cranberry Custard | Ginger | Raspberry Lemon 



Sunflower Bakery & Cafe – Squamish, BC

Freshly rolled dough, cinnamon sugar, & their special ingredient french vanilla custard, baked to perfection!

Their Story: The Sunflower Bakery & Cafe has been serving Squamish and the rest of the Sea to Sky Corridor with health-focused, Artisan baking since 1995! 



Solly’s Bagelry – Vancouver, BC

Their Story: Leah Marckovitch learned Jewish baking from her Baba (Grandma) and established her business in March of 1994. Inspired by original recipes of past family generations, originating in Eastern Europe, Solly’s delicious foods are a special treat for Canadian foodies alike.


Written By: Kyra Williams



  • Deb Tuohey

    So how does one get on here with their bakery? The Ashcroft Bakery & Coffee Shop has been in business since 1899, yes 1899 not 1999. I have owned it for the last 20 years. We have actually shipped our cinnamon buns as far as Amsterdam! Ask any workers on the CP or CN rail where the best little bakery in BC is and they will tell you!

  • Ryan Newton

    Hey guys as the owner of sunflower bakery our cinnamon bun is not the photo you have used. The photo used is a fruit scroll with fondant.
    Were stoked to be on here!! If you would like a photo of our actual cinnamon bun to update this thread it would be great! I can email or go to our instagram @sunflowersquamish and it will displayed in our last 10 posts!

    Thanks guys !


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