Support Local Chilliwack is an initiative of the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce.


Many of our local small businesses have been severely impacted due to COVID-19; some have been able to pivot their operations to stay in business, while others have had to temporarily close their doors. In response to this, the Chilliwack Economic Recovery Network banded together to support these local companies so that when things get back to the new normal they will be able to reopen their businesses and be better than they were before.  This is your opportunity to be a part of the “Support Local Chilliwack” campaign and make a difference to small business in Chilliwack.

Did you know that approximately 77% of all jobs are created in the private sector and that the largest number of small- and medium-size businesses are in the wholesale and retail sector?  The businesses listed here have committed to providing our community with unique places to visit and products to buy as well as draw tourism to our town. 

Please purchase gift certificates here for your organizations or friends and use them as giveaways, birthday gifts, speaker gifts, future silent auction items and any other promotional event you foresee spending money on in the future.

68% of what small businesses earn is reinvested in our local community.  Help build our future economy today!

For more information on the Support Local Program, please contact: Nicole Read, General Manager, Community Futures South Fraser 604-392-5133 x105 or