Corporate Giving Opportunity

Corporate giving opportunity for gift cards.

Why should you participate?

With the holiday season approaching, you might be looking for ways to celebrate with your staff while adhering to pandemic health regulations. Since you won't be able to hold large office dinners and events, we suggest that you provide your team with a way to buy gift certificates from their favourite local businesses.


OPTION 1: Support Local BC E-GIFT CARD

Only redeemable on the Support Local BC website to buy a gift certificate from a specific business. They cannot be used directly at a business.

  • You can receive your unique gift card codes and corresponding dollar values via csv file. You can email the codes to your staff, team or volunteers. There is a $.50/card fee.
  • We can email the unique codes and values directly to your recipient list. This will also require you to provide a message for the email. There is a $0.75/card fee .

Note: For the e-gift cards, payment is by cheque, etransfer or EFT. 2.9% will be charged if you choose to pay the invoice by credit card.

These branded physical cards can be used to make a purchase at any participating Support local BC business. Once your bulk order payment is received, the cards take 4-5 days to print and will be delivered to your business in bulk by FedEx so you can distribute them. There is a $1.50/card fee.

Download our bulk order document.

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