For Customers

No, the gift certificates do not expire.

There is a risk to purchasing the gift certificates, but the hope is that this injection of cash, along with other measures and programs, will help businesses to stay afloat through this time. Presently, gift certificates are non-refundable but purchasers may contact the business directly to inquire about a refund.


Once you select and purchase your gift certificates, you will receive a confirmation email. This email has your order number and also serves as the gift certificates that you will bring into the stores you purchased them from. 

No, gift certificates do not have cash value. 

For Communities

Communities throughout BC are invited to participate on the platform. works on a cost-recovery model that provides funding to cover payment processing and administration costs so that businesses receive the full value of the gift cards purchased.

The cost to setup a new community with 100 businesses is $250. Each additional 25 businesses is $72. There is also an investment of $1,025 for transaction and payment processing fees based on the anticipated sale of 1,000  x $25 gift cards ($25,000). So, each community with 100 businesses needs to invest $1,275 to participate.

1. Sponsor the set up costs for your community. $1275 covers the cost to set up a new community, and includes the first 100 businesses and $25,000 in transactions. The breakdown of costs is as follows, and each item is also available individually to cover more businesses, additional transactions, etc. 

Community page = $250 (includes 100 businesses)  Additional 25 businesses = $72 Transaction fees for $25,000 = $1,025 Total = $1,275     

2. Assign a contact person for the Support Local BC office for reporting gift card sales and revenues. You are NOT required to send $ to businesses-it will be sent         to them individually via email money transfer.           

3. Outreach to businesses in your community to advertise the program and have them sign up via this one minute sign up process.  

You'll need to familiarize yourself with how the program works so that you can answer any questions from businesses that are covered here.

4. Share your involvement in the platform via social media, traditional media, email newsletters, etc. This program will only provide value if we all share the message! We'll provide some social media graphics for communities and businesses to share. 

For Businesses

If you'd like to have your business listed on this website, here's a few questions you might have. 

No, there is no cost for businesses. We are partnering with community organizations to provide funding so that individual businesses can join without a financial investment. Businesses need only complete the Submit my Business form on the website. If their community is not listed on the website, the team will connect with organizations in that community to let them know about the initiative.

The cost recovery model to fund this platform provides funding to cover payment processing fees so the businesses receive the full value of the gift cards purchased.

No, the order confirmation email sent to the buyers serves as the gift certificate. This email is sent as soon as the purchase is made. Purchasers can either print the order confirmation when they are ready to use them or display the order confirmation email on their smartphone at the time they used the gift certificate.

Yes, each email confirmation has a unique order number and a listing of all the gift certificates purchased. 

Each community has a designated contact person for Support Local BC. The community contacts will be provided with a bi-weekly report outlining the number of gift cards sold per business and the total revenue earned.

Payments for revenues from gift cards will be made on a monthly basis to each business and will be accompanied with a list of unique order numbers, amounts and purchaser names.

The business needs to provide their business name and website; the community where they are located; a contact person name, email and phone number. They also need to meet the criteria that qualifies their business as being local to their community/region and independently owned.