How the Process Works for Businesses

It's great to have your business as part of the Support Local BC gift certificate initiative. We know that every small purchase makes a big difference, now more than ever. We'd like to welcome you to the program and provide you with tools to make the most of your participation and explain how the process works. 


Share: Make sure that your customers know you are participating by including the link for your page in your newsletter email and share on social media. Since you're busy running your business, we've created some graphics and sample scripts to give you a starting point. Please feel free to edit and share them. Make sure to tag us in your posts so we can share and comment. You can find our pages at: Facebook and Instagram - follow us to stay connected with our growing online community. 

Reporting: We have a business portal powered by Duoplane that will allow you to see gift certificate purchases in real-time. This means you will have access to a personalized business portal to view, track gift certificates purchased, and manage the reporting of your gift certificate sales as soon as updates happen. Once your business is added to our website, you will receive an email message from Duoplane that will be an invitation to set up a login and password to access your Support Local BC business portal. Refer to our Duoplane user guide and the videos below to understand how to use this tool. Please keep an eye out for these and make sure they do not end up in your junk folder.


Receiving Your Funds: ** Please note that as of 12 Feb 2021, we have moved to SparcPay**  We are using a service called SparcPay to electronically send payments for gift certificates sold via direct deposit to your bank account. These payments will be done weekly and will include gift certificates sold for the previous seven days. Once gift certificates are sold for your business, you will receive an email from with a link to register for SparcPay. 

Please note that your business will receive the full value of the gift certificates purchased. Your community's sponsorship is funded by local organizations who are covering the payment processing and transaction costs. Give them a shout out for partnering with us and making Support Local BC available for your community and business. 

Redeeming Gift Certificates: Gift certificate buyers will either present you with a printed version of their list of gift certificates or show you the confirmation email on their smartphone. The order number, gift certificate amount and buyer's name should match the lists you will have from the bi-weekly reports.

The gift certificates will look like this:



Terms and Conditions: We have recently updated our Terms and Conditions and invite you to read them. 

Questions: We appreciate your patience as we navigate the processes behind rolling this program out province-wide. If you have questions, please refer to our FAQ page which is updated regularly. If you need to have changes made to your profile, please contact us directly at - we're happy to help.