How to Redeem your Gift Certificates

Once you select and purchase your gift certificates, you will receive a confirmation email. This email has your order number and also serves as the gift certificates that you will bring into the stores you purchased them from. 

Once we are in the clear from the COVID-19 pandemic and are able to roam freely, you can print the email confirmation or pull it up on your smart phone and head down to the business and redeem the certificate for goods and/or services. The gift certificates have no cash value.

In order to provide the most benefit to businesses, we ask that you do not use the gift certificates all at once as the pandemic restrictions are raised. As you can imagine, this might create another cash flow bottleneck for businesses if everyone uses the gift certificates as soon as shops re-open. 

Each business will keep track of your balance, but be sure to write down your balance as well. Thank you for supporting your local, independent businesses!