Northern Development


Northern Development is an independent, non-profit corporation; a catalyst for stimulating economic growth through investments in grassroots, community-led projects. Northern Development believe that communities, First Nations and businesses of the north are leaders in creating jobs, new revenues, and improving the quality of life in the northern region. Northern Development's ever increasing partnerships are a testament to the strength of leadership in this northern decade of prosperity

In addition to flowing funding into communities, Northern Development makes a difference through working with municipalities, regional districts and First Nations to build economic development staff and program capacity.

The Grant Writing Support program enables grant writing positions in up to 54 communities each year, dramatically increasing the success communities have in applying for and securing grants. While Northern Development’s internship program places university graduates into First Nation and local government roles as part of a practical hands-on training program.


Business Development Funding Programs 

Another valuable resource for growing the economy is Northern Development’s business development programs, which provide rebates to eligible independent businesses. Below are some specific funding programs Support Local BC has curated in the interest of business owners.

Competitiveness Consulting Rebate Program

The Competitiveness Consulting Rebate program provides a rebate to small and medium sized businesses engaged in manufacturing, innovative technologies, resource processing, transportation, distribution and their first line suppliers for external business consulting projects. Projects must focus on increased productivity, new or incremental revenues, profitability and/or job creation.

Small Business Recovery Consulting Rebate

This program is designed to help businesses reduce the barrier to accessing professional expertise and recover the costs of third-party consulting projects. These types of projects must focus on ways to sustain businesses during the current economic downturn. The SBR Consulting Rebate will reimburse small and medium sized businesses (operators) for contracted consulting services.

Love Northern BC

Love Northern BC is a movement connecting people with the independent locally-owned businesses that are the heart and soul of their communities. The program is designed to deliver unique marketing campaigns in communities throughout Northern B.C. that celebrate independent locally-owned businesses with an aim to strengthen their competitiveness and keep more dollars in the local economy. The program represents a partnership between Northern Development Initiative Trust and communities throughout the region.

Northern Industries Innovation Fund

The Northern Industries Innovation Fund (NIIF) program provides incremental funding to support innovation projects that increase the competitiveness of local businesses in traditional industries across Northern B.C. The program is also intended to support economic diversification and/or viability of businesses to mitigate the economic impact of the pine beetle epidemic. NIIF supports applied research and development, new or improved products and services, and testing of innovative equipment or technologies to support capital investment decisions.