Buying + Redeeming e-Gift Cards

We know the language is confusing between ‘e-gift card’ and ‘gift certificate’ so we’ve created this page to help you understand how it works!

Please note that e-gift cards CANNOT be redeemed directly at a business either in-person or via their online store. They can only be used on the website to apply to the purchase of a gift certificate for a specific business.

How-to: You want to send an e-Gift card as a gift

The Support Local BC e-gift cards allow you to send a gift to someone else (an example is shown below). 

  1. The recipient of the e-gift card can choose which business they would like a gift certificate for as listed on the website. 
  2. They will apply the amount of the e-gift card to their purchase of a gift certificate from their favourite business. 

How-to: You want to redeem your e-gift card

  1. Browse for the business you want to buy a gift certificate from (by business name, community or map).
  2. Add the gift certificate(s) from the business(es) to your cart. Once you are ready, agree to our Refund Policy (checkbox) and click Checkout.
  3. Complete your contact information and then enter the unique 16-character e-gift card code in the box shown in red below and click Apply. The amount of the e-gift card will then be deducted from your order.


4. You must complete the transaction by clicking Continue to Payment and then clicking Pay Now. Even if the balance owing is zero. 

5. Once you complete the transaction, you will receive an email confirmation (like the one shown below) which will include the gift certificate you purchased. Please wait 7 days before visiting the business to redeem the gift certificate. That will give us time to the pay the business before they have to honour your gift certificate. 


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