Spirits of the West Coast Art Gallery

Spirits of the West Coast Art Gallery

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Independently owned businesses across the province of British Columbia have experienced an economic slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the pandemic's need for social distancing and self-isolation, it has caused local businesses to become financially fragile and weak against new work formalities such as reduced business capacities, shorter business hours and long-term closures.

Many businesses in British Columbia have either revamped their level of service, pivoted their business model, or closed their brick and mortar locations. Those hardest hit are the local, independent businesses that are the backbone of our communities’ economic sustainability and are the forerunners of our province's culture and identity.

At Support Local BC, we strive to preserve the prosperity and spirit of local businesses in an effort to maintain the identity of British Columbians who love to showcase the unique features of the province and foster a culture of economic resilience and passion. 

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Our hope is that you will wait to use the gift certificates for at least 7 days after you purchase them. This will allow us time to send the money from your purchase to the business. We don't want them to have to honour the gift certificate without having been paid.

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